Marie Yvette Johnson (Cookie)







1954 - 1985


It's been years,

Some days it seems like only yesterday,
And some days it seems like forever.

There are times I can still hear her voice,
but worse yet, there are those I can't.

When I'm lucky enough to remember her laugh,
The one that always reminded me
of the tinkling of a delicate porcelain bell,

it makes me laugh... just a little anyway,
until I remember.

She was beautiful beyond words,
but her beauty was not limited
to her exterior.

Marie Yvette (Cookie) Johnson

She had a heart of gold
and the most precious thing to her
was her family.

Although tiny,
she weighed a mere 90 pounds,
she could put anyone in their place -
and often times she did...

Angel Photo

Her name was
Marie Yvette Johnson,
but we called her Cookie.

And you know those people
who can light up dark rooms,
just by entering them?

I think she invented it.

She was my big sister
and I looked up to her,
got mad at her,
envied her a little,
but always loved her deeply...
Angel Photo

In August of 1985, my sister
who I thought had the world
wrapped around her finger,
committed suicide.

Appearances can fool you.

This page is dedicated
to all sisters,
and friends who take
the place of sisters.

Hug yours and tell her you love her.
You may not get the chance
if you don't do it now.

Do it in honor of my sister -
I think she would have liked that,
because I know wherever she is,
she misses me too...

Angel Globe

Somewere, there's a heaven
I don't know where it is,
but I know that other angels are now
listening to the the tinkling sound

of a delicate porcelain bell...

Angels Photo
And I know someday,
I'll hear it again too...
When she comes to find me...
When it's my time to be with her.
(my favorite picture of her)
I will always miss my Cookie...
but I try to remember
to thank God everyday..
for the things that I do have.
My children,
my family,
my friends,
my health,
my memories,


and my memories to come.

Shirliana Glassberg


To all my visitors,
I'm begging you not to think of suicide
as an option...

You destroy what you left behind,
and you destroy those who love you.
Believe me, I know.

Cookie's Headstone and My Earphones

Suicide Prevention

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention



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